Infrared Commercial Building Inspection: Call for Pricing
Cost is dependant upon square footage and components to be analyzed.

Low Slope Roof Inspection: $575.00
Includes buildings up to
10,000 square feet - $.05 to $.10 per square foot for larger buildings.

Electrical & Mechanical Inspections: $100.00 per hour three hour minimum

Basic Infrared Residential Building Inspection: $245.00 up to 2,200 square feet


  • Exterior Scan: Checking for heat loss due to inadequate or missing insulation, and air leaks. Moisture intrusion around doors, windows, in wall cavities and failing siding.
  • Interior Scan: Checking for air leaks, missing insulation, water intrusion from outside or from leaking plumbing. Overloaded electrical circuits.
  • Complete Report: Comprehensive report with Infrared and Digital pictures highlighting all anomalies with narrative describing the problem and the suggested remedy.

Home Energy Audit: $375.00

As an Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Ally and BPI (Building Performance Institute) trained and certified contractor we will help you in receiving cash incentives and state and federal energy tax credits through  weatherizing and upgrading the efficiency of your home.  High standards and quality assurance are built into these programs to ensure that the maximum comfort, safety, and efficiency of your home is realized.  We will explore all the local, county, state and federal incentives and tax credits available to your location to help maximize the use of your budget and minimize your energy bill.  Our inspections will include in depth analysis of heating and cooling systems with special attention to safety and proper venting of natural gas and oil units. Total house air leakage will be measured with a blower door system to compare with recommended standards of efficient and safe airflow in your home. After our in depth inspection of the level of insulation, condition, and amount of air leakage of your houses walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, and ductwork we will give you a scope of work report prioritizing the most cost effective ways to upgrade your home.  By investing in some simple and inexpensive measures like insulation or air sealing you could easily cut your heating bill by up to 40%!  With the added incentives and credits you can get a full return on your investment in as little as one or two years!  If you choose to act on any home upgrades utilizing Infrared Inspections , we will credit you $100.00 of your Energy Audit fee.

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