An infrared building inspection will help reveal the true integrity of your building. Normal inspections are achieved by visual and invasive (destructive) inspections. Infrared Inspections uses infrared technology that is not only non-invasive but reveals hidden damage and potential problems that would never be noticed otherwise. Temperature differences between the interior and exterior of the building and wet and dry building materials will reveal not only heat loss issues, but water damage, dry-rot, and faulty wiring. Besides being non-destructive, infrared imaging is non-intrusive causing no disruption to the building's occupants.

Who can benefit from this service?

  • Home Buyer: Our infrared inspection will give you assurance of a sound building or
    reveal unseen surprises lurking within the structure
  • Home Seller: Don't be caught having to re-negotiate because the buyers inspector
    finds damage you never suspected.
  • Insurance Claim: Document the full scope of catastrophic water damage from broken pipes,flooding or storm damage.
  • Commercial Buildings: Save on energy by identifying air leaks and insulation voids.  Find moisture intrusions and avoid costly building repairs and health issues.
  • Electrical: Locate loose or corroded connections, overloaded circuits, failing breakers & fuses.
  • HVAC: Find failing motors, bearings, pumps, plugged or leaking lines and ductwork.
  • Low Slope Roof: A preventative maintenance inspection will find any water trapped under roofing materials.  We can then map out the affected area that needs repair, saving the cost of an entire roof replacement!
  • Log Home Owners: By using infrared thermography with blower door testing, log home designers, builders and owners can enhance the standard building construction practices and improve air tightness, ventilation, energy convservation, and weather proofing. Read about it in this downloadable PDF Infrared Imaging and Log Construction.

As a branch of All-Ways Construction & Repair, LLC we have the "In House" capability to make all repairs or upgrades needed to your building. Years of practical building experience coupled with BPI (Building Performance Institute) training and certification give us the versitilaty to treat your home or commercial building as a "system". All the components, from vapor barriers to air handlers must work together in balance to keep your home or commercial building comfortable and safe.

Water damage to ceiling shows up in the infrared image long before it is visually evident from staining Missing Insulation